Privacy Policy

This policy sets out how Diagonal Road Community Children’s Centre collects and protects confidential information, which relates to all stakeholders involved with the Centre, and is necessary for record keeping purposes and fulfilling the legal obligations required by the National Quality Framework.  Diagonal Road Community Children’s Centre protects the privacy and confidentiality of individual children, families, staff and management.

Collection and use of personal information

Generally, Diagonal Road Community Children’s Centre collects personal information in order to effectively operate the functions of the service and only uses personal information for the purposes for which it is sought.  Information is collected on file from the provision of details from each individual or their parent/guardian.  Information is regularly updated.

Children’s information which is collected, filed and finally archived, is used for business purposes which include child placement, government-controlled fee structuring, government census information, health management and profile compilation which is helpful for the care of each individual child.

Staff records which are collected, filed and archived are used for business purposes including health management, pay related details, qualifications, training and personal contacts.

Business related details for incoming services are collected, filed and stored in order to maintain required information for business functionality.

Disclosure of personal information

Centre records are only accessed by or disclosed to those people who need the information to fulfil their responsibility at the Centre or have the legal right to know.

Security of personal and sensitive information

All Centre employees and Management Committee members are required to sign and be accountable to the Diagonal Road Community Children’s Centre Confidentiality Agreement.  Centre records are kept secure and private within the administration filing systems.

Data Security

All information stored electronically can only be accessed by authorised personnel.  The Director and Administration staff ensure that back up on digital devices containing personal information is carried out on a regular basis and stored securely.  All computer systems are equipped with up to date internet security.  We engage a professional IT business to delete all personal information from superseded devices.

Accessing and seeking correction of personal information

Individual stakeholders have the right to request access to their personal information or that of their child.  Individual stakeholders may request correction of these files if found necessary.  Requested corrections will need to be arranged in consultation with the Director or relevant administration staff.

Complaints about a breach of confidentiality

All complaints relating to a breach of confidentiality need to be directed to the Director, Assistant Directors or a member of the Management Committee who are listed in the Centre foyer.  Any such complaint will be documented and investigated promptly.

Information retention and destruction

Diagonal Road Community Children’s Centre regularly reviews records and the storage of data.  The Centre seeks advice from Education & Standards Board (ESB) and the National Regulations (reg. 183) prior to the permanent confidential disposal of records.

Changes to this policy

This policy will be reviewed biannually and amendments may be made from time to time.